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Process Establishments
Six Sigma Methodology
In-Depth Analysis and Execution Plans
IT Audits


Cloud Hosting Administration
Data Center support
Program/Project Management
Product Ownership
Agile/Scrum Methodologies
Change Management


Readiness Analysis and Plans
Project Gate Approach
IT Delivery, Migration and Sustainability Strategies
ERP Implementations
LIMS Implementations/Analysis
Patient Management Systems
Supply Chain Management Systems

Custom Solutions

Web Portals/Digital Marketing
Knowledge Management
Machine Learning
Big Data & BI

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TLSAI Consulting is an IT/Management consulting company with services in IT Technical/Functional delivery solution spaces with focus on custom development, infrastructure, BI, Project Management, IT Audits and delivery/support.

TLSAI Consulting has served numerous clients as a company over the years in areas such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM consulting - Clients are various Oil and Gas majors, banking and healthcare giants as well as scientific and marketing companies.

What We Do

TLSAI Consulting presents a lean model of low overhead and high output. In today's competitive market, solutions and resources have to be affordable while of the highest quality.

Clients know what they want; TLSAI Consulting LTD delivers solutions globally and continuously.

We are a low cost provider, delivering solutions with quality resources at approximately 40%-50% of the cost of most major and mid-size resource placement and consulting agencies. Our model is low overhead, low margin that fits well with any customer and budget.

Who are our clients?

TLSAI clients include Halliburton, NOV, DNOW, BP, Williams, Ecolab, El Paso, Dynegy, AG, Cameron, Cooper, Toshiba, Sumitomo, St. Luke's, as well as many others in international markets.